How to choose the right brush or roller?

There is a wide variety of brushes depending on the different applications we need them for. My advice is to always look for quality brushes because if you buy, for example, a cheap brush it is highly possible to get a bonus – torn out hairs during coloring. As I said there is a wide […]

3D Effects

In some more southern situated countries we can come across rough walls and stuccos which are classical, painted in bright colors. If you like this kind of rendering you will need to prepare a large amount for a craftsman if you are not a master in the plastering of walls and ceilings. The safest way […]

How to choose colors for our walls and ceiling?

You want to paint qualitatively and professionally but you don’t have funds to hire a professional? You need help with the choice of colors? This article is just for you! In order to paint qualitatively we have to inflict the paint evenly but this is not enough to make our work professional. We need quality […]

Idea for painting walls and ceilings in a few steps

I will share in a few steps how we can refresh our rooms nice and easy. What do we need? We need interior paint and water. The tools that we will need: roller, chiseled brush, stirring rod, bucket, roller grid and safety goggles.   Before we start painting: Before we start painting it is good […]